Last week I was playing the Three Little Birds video to my 3 years old, (she loves the animation!), and I thought, I should make an arrangement of this for our group lessons. So, here it is!

It's been arranged for flexible and mixed-ability Violin Ensemble, that means it works as a Violin Duo, Trio, Quartet and up to 5 violins, and it can be played by beginners and more advanced students all together.

- Violin 1: the actual song, with lyrics and chords
- Violins 2 & 3: intermediate melodies, harmony and rhythm base
- Violin 4: open strings only
- Teacher accompaniment: to accompany Violin 1 in the Duet version or reinforce the whole violin ensemble too

You can download score and parts here:

Three Little Birds - Violin Ensemble.pdf

See some previews below. We hope the teaching community finds this helpful!