Last Thursday our two youngest groups, Early Strings (4-6 years old) and Initial Strings (6-8 years old), joined forces to perform Sheep. In this short clip you can see four activities in one song, showing some of the strategies we use to develop their musicianship in their weekly instrumental lesson.

Singing the words with actions:
Using movement is one of the most effective ways to develop your musicianship. It improves coordination, concentration, memory, expression and other crucial skills to become a good performer.

Singing in Solfa with hand signs:
It provides a visual aid for the solfa syllables, each sing relates to a pitch at a different level so the space in between sings corresponds to the musical interval, key point for ear training.

Singing + playing:
First steps into multitasking on the instrument. One of the most important skills to develop for the young musician.

Playing different parts:
Ostinatos, 2nd parts or teacher accompaniments are always present. They help develop sense of pulse, rhythm, intonation and aural awareness.

Here you can find more information about the Kodaly Method and Dalcroze's Eurhythmics.
Thanks to The DaCapo Music Foundation for their fantastic teacher training programme and brilliant repertoire for young children!