It is unnecessary to add more words to the horrific situation in Eastern Europe. Instead of words, and in solidarity with Ukraine, we would like to contribute through music with this arrangement of the country’s national anthem. 

You can download score and parts here:

Ukrainian National Anthem - Violin Ensemble.

It's been arranged for flexible and mixed-ability Violin Ensemble, that means it works as a Violin Duo, Trio, Quartet and up to 5 violins, and it can be played by beginners and more advanced students all together. 

- Violin V: Open strings only
- Violin IV: Accompaniment
- Violin III: Harmony for the main theme
- Violin II: Main theme
- Violin I: Main theme, one octave higher to be played in fixed third position

Download in the link above, preview below. I hope the teaching community finds this helpful!

Thank you so much to Lourdes Fernández and her students from Conservatorio de Música de León (our hometown in Spain! :)) for this beautiful performance!