The start of the Autumn term always brings changes: new students, new school year, new instrumets and of course new repertoire! We have arranged some pieces for our multi-level violin ensembles and here's one of this term's highlights: a shorter and simpler version of Vivaldi's Autumn!

It's been arranged for Flexible and mixed-ability  Violin Ensemble so it works as a Violin Duo, Trio, Quartet and Quintet too, and it can be played by beginners and more advanced students all together. 

- Violin 1: Main tune with a solo part with optional doube stops
- Violin 2: Vivaldi's 2nd violin with a solo part to make up for the Violin 1 solo optional double stops
- Violin 3: Only initial left hand fingers pattern
- Violin 4: Open strings only
- Violin acc.: Vivaldi's bass line adapted to violin. It works very nicely as a Violin trio along with Violins 1 & 2.

Vivaldi's Autumn for mixed-ability violin ensemble.pdf

Download in the link above, previews below. We hope you like this one!