Well.. it's been an interesting week with a 5 years old with chickenpox at home. Plenty of time to play games, to do arts and crafts, watch movies and a long, long etc. We have also watched A LOT of Bluey -such a brilliant show, we all love it at home. So I was going to bed with the Bluey's Theme song in my head and a stroke of creativity hit me. First of all I thought, how cool it would be to play this for our Early Years music class and use it for the names warm-up song. We would play the tune and they would clap and sing their names instead of Bingo, Bluey and so on. Then I thought, maybe a super easy open-strings part for them to just pluck or bow when saying their names? And then I thought, and what about a more exciting open-strings part for the ones who have been learning for a bit longer?! 

In the end, this was the result:

  • Theme song in Violin (Duet) for the teacher(s)
  • Violin Beginner 1: Only E string plucking or left hand pluckig or bowing or any combination of them depending of the child's skills
  • Violin Beginner 2: Bowing ostinato on the E and A strings with a bow retake

This is now available for Violin and Viola clicking on the links below. The Violin version is in the original key, so it can be played along the official YouTube video.

We hope you and your tiny students have fun with this!

Theme from Bluey for beginners Violin.pdf

Theme from Bluey for beginners Viola.pdf