Hello everyone! We are starting the Summer term and we have a new arrangement for our Violin group lessons. We thought we would try a piece for a solo player and strings accompaniment, and the Russian Fantasia No2 by Portnoff works wonderfully well! As always, it's been arranged for mixed-ability Violin Ensemble so it can be played by beginners and more advanced students all together. 

- Violin 3: Open strings only
- Violin 2: Finger notes, only first finger pattern
- Violin 1: D minor finger pattern
- Violin solo, easier: it's a simplified version of the tune, without 3rd position and double stops so more children can get to play the solo
- Violin solo: Portnoff's original version

Portnoff - Russian Fantasia No 2 Violin Ensemble.pdf

Downloads in the links above, previews below. We hope you like this one!

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