One of the arrangements we have prepared for our group lesson this term is Take Five. We have been practising this for two weeks and our students love it! As always, it's been arranged for mixed-abilty Violin & Viola Ensemble so it can be played by beginners and more advanced students all together:

- Violin 1: Main tune (used to be a ABRSM Grade 4 piece)
- Violin 2: accompaniment and melody in the middle section for early intermediate students
- Violin 3: accompaniment with only the first finger pattern on the D and A strings
- Violin 4: Open strings only (it's mainly an ostinato plus a different middle section so it can be easily memorised)

We've added some extra parts, like Violin 1' (higher octave with clever shifts, for Grade 5-7 students) and Violin 4b and 4c (other ideas for the open strings ostinato)

Take Five for multi level violin ensemble.pdf

Take Five for multi level viola ensemble.pdf

Violin and Viola arrangements are in the same key so they can play together in case you teach both instruments in the same group. Cellos, please don't get mad, we like you anyway! :)