A collection of 10 favourite Concetinos in progressive order. They all can be found separately in our shop.

Type of arrangement: 2nd violin accompaniment

Number of pages: 61

-P. Nikolic: Concertino in G Major in Old Style
-F. Küchler: Concertino Op.11 in G Major
-O. Rieding: Concertino Op.35 in B minor
-O. Rieding: Concertino Op.34 in G Major
-A. Huber: Concertino in G Major, Op.8, No.4
-F. Küchler: Concertino Op.12 in D Major
-F. Küchler: Concertino Op.15 in D Major
-H. Millies: Concertino in the Style of Mozart
-O. Rieding: Concertino in Hungarian Style, Op.21
-O. Rieding: Concertino Op.24 in G Major