We have spent years researching and looking for repertoire for 2 violins, and studies have always been a big part of this project. Thanks to Alessio Nacuzi we are now closer to have all the important studies available for 2 violins! He has provided the accompaniment to the Kayser and Mazas Etudes that you can download below, along with the rest of what we consider the Foundation Etudes and Caprices for the Violin. 

Kayser - 36 Studies Op.20, 2nd violin by Seling

Mazas - Studies Op.36 Book 1, 2nd violin by Grünwald

Mazas - Studies Op.36 Book 2, 2nd violin by Grünwald

Kreutzer - 42 Etudes, 2nd violin by Hermann

Kreutzer - 40 Etudes, 2nd violin by Grünwald

Fiorillo - 36 Caprices, 2nd violin by Leonard

Fiorillo - 36 Caprices, 2nd violin by Spohr

Rode - 24 Caprices, 2nd violin by Leonard

Gaviniès - 24 Matinées, 2nd violin by Marteau

Wieniawski - 8 Caprices Op.18, 2nd violin by the composer

Paganini - 24 Caprices, 2nd violin by Bachmann

There are less popular studies with a 2nd violin accompaniment that can be downloaded for free as well like Campagnoli 7 Diventimenti , Ferdinand David Op.44 , Alard Op.10 , Dancla Op.68 , Dont Op.38 , Rolla Op.10 , Leonard Etudes Harmoniques , etc.

And also, newer editions that can be purchased like Wohlfahrt Op.45 Vol.1 and Mazas Book 1.

Please leave a comment if you know of more Violin Studies with a 2nd violin part that can be added to the list!